Hat – Nasty Gal, Shorts – Wrangler vintage, Shirt – Aritzia, Shoes – Dolce Vita

So my friend Tory makes amazing jewellery! I love what she makes! The jewellery in this photo was created by her. The earrings and bracelet both are truly amazing. They really compliment this outfit and add some modern femininity to it. Please check out her website! She has truly amazing stuff! All available to order online! Click on the last photo or search the following link to find her website!



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Skirt – Zara, Top – Oak and Fort, Necklace – Urban Outfitters, Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

So in my post today im showing you two of my FAV pieces in my wardrobe right now. How lucky am I to have bought a leather skirt!! I know its not the A-Line skirt that I showed in my previous post, but its still fabulous! Its fringe!! AND Leather! What can be any better? haha.. anyways.. I also love my necklace, it is a great statement piece and can really dress up and outfit!

My shirt is from Oak And Fort which is a great little store that is fairly new to where I live. Its a company from Vancouver and they have so much great stuff! Its so hard not to buy from there! They do have a website so i would for sure check them out!

So I know i have been having trouble keeping up with my posts, but what can I say!! Im a busy busy girl. With all the stuff going on in my life, I still find time to shop on line and figure out what the new trends are for fall. And there is one I am gushing over!! The leather A-line high waisted skirt! Love it! So unique and cute! I gotta find me one!



Be sure to check out http://www.romwe.com , it is an amazing site for fashion. All of the latest trends are on there and for great prices. The link is located on the side of my blog.

Also seen worn by celebrities and this past week New York Fashion Week!!!

Shorts – Vintage Levis, Socks – Urban Outfitters, Boots – Aldo

Hey everybody! Sorry my posts have been far and few between, this summer has just been crazy with working and trips. I actually just got back from San Francisco! Its such a beautiful city, but the temperature could be a bit warmer! But still gorgeous, and anytime i can get away to the ocean, i take it!!

So this outfit was kinda inspired by the summer coming to an end quickly, and how it merges into fall. I love the high socks because they contrast so well with the high waisted levi shorts!! Its such a rugged but feminine look at the same time!

So i started school today and i am super excited because im in a fashion AND design class! its going to be awesome!

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Jacket – Vintage, Shoes – Converse, Necklace – Pyrrha

This shouldnt be a weird sight considering my last post was of army pants!!! Yes i have found myself the best vintage cargo jacket ever. I found it in a local store. I paired it with jeans and converse shoes because i feel like it is a really laid back jacket and doesnt need to be played up too much.